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Our Spells are very powerful. Once, we cast a spell, there is no turning back. The results of our spells will amaze you. Particularly Voodoo Spells and Islamic siddhis are not children's play. They are extremely Strong and may be dangerous if used to harm an innocent person or for any negative intentions.  We are not responsible anyway, as a result of wrong use of any of our voodoo or Love spells or Siddhis, used by you.

     Shabar mantras are very simple and easy to use. The most powerful feature of Shabar mantras is that they are auto-powered and highly effective at once. These are not difficult as that of Classical mantras. Whenever you want to use a mantra, it is necessary this to attain power. They are in simple and local Indian languages can be used by anyone. They are user-friendly. Shabar Mantras are found in every language and most of the problems can be solved using them. These mantras are found in two types. The first, which are not easy to understand because words used in them are difficult and the second one, which are easily understood as their words are simple to understand. Always remember that shabar mantras are read and used just as they are written. Do not make any change in them from your side.

       Shabar Mantras are not for a specific community or religion. Anybody can use them and be benefitted. These mantras are made by powered sages and saints. This is the reason that at the end of these mantras, respective deities, god, goddess or any other power is called saying him/her very sensitive words. These words are auto-powered and drag the might to fulfill the wish(es) or the User. You, yourself, can easily get it. Some are given as:

  • Mata ki shaiyya par paaon dhare--
  • (Amuk) ki Duhai--
  • Meri Bhakti--
  • Guru ki shakti--
  • (Amuk ki Aan--
  • Aum namoh Aadesh amuk ko--
  • Amuk ka dudh piya haram--
  • Phure mantra ishwarowacha

       Shabar Mantras are never fruitless if used properly. To use these mantras, you need not to have a guru or teacher with you. If you are wise and amicable enough, you will get rapid results. But never use them to harm anybody. Use not only for you but also for the welfare of the humanity. Remember, the Supreme Almighty is looking at you each and every moment and never forget that Time is the most powerful than all. So Use them to get your wishes come true but do not try to harm anybody.

        Tantra-Mantra astrology is for the mankind. So, it must be used for the welfare of humanity but now-a-days, some ill-mannered hypocrite people are using it to occult others in jealous feelings.  It is the major factor today in the metaphysical dimension that badness is increasing rapidly and humanity is getting destroyed.

      Though Science does not accept the existence or effects of tantra-mantra, voodoo and even the Supreme Almighty but, as there is no form of happiness and sorrows and their existence is a great truth and we all feel them time to time, so as the existence of ghosts, tantra mantra and occult and bad supernatural powers is quite true as that of the Supreme Almighty. Only one, who bears, knows.

        It is all the illusion of bad deeds in this creation. One’s greediness and jealous feelings towards another promote the first one to do bad with the second one. That’s why the man, himself, has become the greatest enemy of humanity. One brother kills another. Family values are going down. Moral duties have lost very far away. Human-being is eating humanity. Domestic violence, insulting loving or respected one, disobeying, divorce, physical and mental harassment, fighting and quarrel among ladies in house, broken hearts in love and suicide etc. have become very common these days. All these things are symptoms of destruction.

        And to stop this destruction, the only way that the tantra and black magic powers must be used positively for the welfare of mankind. Iron can be cut by iron only.


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