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                   KULBHUSHAN SWAMI, THE SAGE

     This is a true legend happened thousands of years back. At that time, all the Gods and Goddess got arrogant thinking that they are everything; they can do everything. They started going on the wrong paths. To let them all overcome from that illusion and to punish them, the Supreme Almighty made a Giant-God. The Supreme Almighty gave him blessing that he will not be killed by any God. And to fight war with the Gods, the Supreme Almighty gave him many unlimited giant powers. Further, the Giant God made his own giants. They worshiped Gods and got many blessings and became so powerful that even Tridevas (The Trinity) could not defeat them (giants). The giants invaded on the world of the Gods and put them off. All the gods including the King were in the prison of the Giant God. 

    By getting so much power and being arrogant, the Giant God started giving troubles to Gods crucially. He forgot his duty. Even he went against the Supreme Almighty. At that time, there was no one, who can defeat or punish him.  Keeping the situation in view, to punish and kill the Giant god and all his powers and servants, the Supreme Almighty made a human being namely ACHARYA ANANDMANI RISHI, who was much more powerful than all the Gods. He is a construction of the Supreme Almighty from No-where. Nobody in the entire creation knows where he was born or come from. He came on the earth with a name KULBHUSHAN SWAMI, THE SAGE. More than 56,000 years, he is still on the earth under revenge of Giant-God about the then-incident that he (The Sage) by his TAPA, made the gods come out of his (Giant-God) prison and the Devil could do nothing. By using his (Giant God) giantess powers and illusion, he killed him(The Sage) for he tried to stop him. He was made powerless, helpless and changed into a simple man. He was made to live in birth-cycle again again. Now, he is in his last birth and the time for great destruction is coming as later on, not only the giants but the gods and goddesses made him (The sage) to live a life as that of a slave, weeping every moment. Now he is under the supervision of the Supreme Almighty, who could not save him that time. Even the Almighty gets angry and he called him back. The entire creation will have to pay in the form of destruction. For thousands of years, different responsible souls will go into hell and will have to repent. Just wait for the dead shot be continued......

By: Swamiji:

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