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Get your lifelong personal Kundali/Horoscope details

       Everybody wants to know more and more about his future, education & career, job or business, love and married life, children, compatibility with his/her lover or life partner, abroad going, lucky number, day, year, color, gemstone from your horoscope. Get your lifelong Kundali and detailed predictions with basic details, different charts, Vimshontari Dasha, Antar Dasha, Pratyantar Dasha, Kaal Sarap or Manglik yoga consideration, Shani dhaiya or sadhesati, education, love or arrange marriage, match-making, married life, job, business, money, house, vehicle etc.  

Some commonly asked questions are:-

  • I want to know about my future.
  • Will I have love or arranged marriage?
  • Am I Manglik or not?
  • When will I get married?
  • How will be my soul mate?
  • Will I have successful married life?
  • Progeny and kids life?
  • Is there any auspicious yoga in my horoscope to lead life successfully?
  • What kinds of yogas/combinations are formed in my horoscope chart?
  • Whether Kaal Sarp dosha or Kuja/Manglik dosha in my horoscope?
  • Secret enemies and curses.
  • Business not going well. What to do?
  • Gemstone and yantram  
  • Is there any Raj Yoga formed in my horoscope?
  • Long journeys, philosophy, higher education, spirituality, and religion
  • Health, Vitality and longevity?
  • Finance and prosperity?
  • Relations with siblings and other relatives.
  • Long journeys, philosophy, spirituality and religion.
  • Vedic remedies to remove Kaal Sarp/Manglik/Kuja or Kaal Chakra dosha and other bad effects present in the horoscope?


        The overall Kundali/Horoscope details will be sent in digital form i.e. by Email.  CLICK HERE to get your detailed kundli or horoscope reading.

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