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  • "I loved a guy very much. It was okay in the starting. He often used to say that he would marry me. However, his family was against our marriage but he said he would manage it. S..."
    I found my love back
  • " It was the year 2007 when my enemies cast a heavy black magic use on me to kill me. It was an muslim power, I can feel. A moulvi had sent a ghost to bring my soul to him. Ev..."
    Swamiji saved me from evil
  • ""Although, i had been suffering since a very long time in my life, where i could not find any solution to all what i've been going through,, there came a day when finally i was ..."
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All Mantras - A collection of various mantras for you

      Here we have tried to make a collection of various mantras which can be used by you for different purposes. These mantras are also provided by our respective members.

Mantra for Shantikaran - CLICK HERE.

Mantra for Vashikaran - CLICK HERE.

Mantra for Uchatan

Mantra for Videshan - CLICK HERE.

Mantra for Stambhan

Mantra for Maran - CLICK HERE.

Mantra for ailments prevention - CLICK HERE.

Mantra for protection against Evil or Black magic Spell

Mantra for Dus-Mahavidya - CLICK HERE.

Islamic Mantra - CLICK HERE


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